The Time I Went to the Grand Canyon and Just Looked at it

I wanted to go to The Grand Canyon since I was in 4th grade and read an “I Can Read!” book about a girl who rides a donkey down The Grand Canyon with her dad.

I always hated her spoiled ass for complaining about how donkeys “smell.” This was before she even was near enough to the donkeys to smell them, btw. That was her first response to her dad when he shared his spectacular travel plans with her that she would be included in. She had the nerve to just say “Eww, but donkeys smell bad.”

She also complained about having to eat freeze dried food and her only peace came when her dad found her freeze-dried chocolate ice cream to pack with them. Wow. Ungrateful, much?

I’m still a little mad at that bitch but I got the chance to go down the Grand Canyon! But I sort of botched it by having no plans for The Grand Canyon besides showing up and winging it. I went there after solo hiking The Narrows in Utah, which was incredible and very well planned on my part. But we can’t always be great.

I’m still glad I went. I secretly always wanted to decide to go to the Grand Canyon on whim, like April and Andy from Parks and Rec.

“Where’s all the presidents?”.

These photos…sum it up. Awkward. A lovely Russian mother and daughter took these photos for me. They were staying in the same hotel as me. I bumped into them at The Grand Canyon and offered to take their picture, and they were kind enough to reciprocate.

“Want to take a picture? And we make it?” they asked me. They were so nice.

But I did not help by being the world’s most awkward model. Here are some more pics. Crappy like the rest, as I had only my old phone to take pictures with.

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