Canoe Camping Gear: What to Pack

I recently went on a canoe camping trip on the Potomac River between West Virginia and Maryland. I had a great time, and you can learn more about it on my other post! If you’re planning your own trip, keep reading for a list of essential gear to pack with you. The links on thisContinue reading “Canoe Camping Gear: What to Pack”

Canoe Camping in the Paw Paw Bends of the Potomac River

The first time I ever camped, it was in a canoe. Since, I’ve camped from a car and from a backpack, and thoroughly enjoyed both, but canoe camping might be my favorite. Traveling by canoe offers advantages. You can pack much heavier than you would backpacking, but unlike with car camping, you can enjoy theContinue reading “Canoe Camping in the Paw Paw Bends of the Potomac River”