A January Climb of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire

Climbing Mt. Washington is not for the faint-hearted, especially when you do it in January. The observatory at the top of the mountain has a small building with a staff that works to record wind speed and temperature conditions. In 1934, the observatory recorded a wind speed of 231 miles per hour. That record wasContinue reading “A January Climb of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire”

Hiking the Batona Trail in NJ

Batona stands for BAck TO NAture. Cute right? The trail is about 55 miles long through Southern New Jersey’s Pine Barrons & the Wharton State Forrest. Like the Loyalsock Trail, it’s a thru-hike that’s challenging but very doable. In fact, the Batona Trail is pretty easy hiking. It’s very flat, and the sandy soil andContinue reading “Hiking the Batona Trail in NJ”

The Time I Went to the Grand Canyon and Just Looked at it

I wanted to go to The Grand Canyon since I was in 4th grade and read an “I Can Read!” book about a girl who rides a donkey down The Grand Canyon with her dad. I always hated her spoiled ass for complaining about how donkeys “smell.” This was before she even was near enoughContinue reading “The Time I Went to the Grand Canyon and Just Looked at it”

Solo Hiking the Narrows of Zion National Park

My journey to Zion National Park was fated by the alphabet. Having a last name like Wolfe is kind of a bummer growing up. My desk was always in the back right corner of the room behind this douchey kid named Patrick Wilson (not that Patrick Wilson). I always got my report card handed backContinue reading “Solo Hiking the Narrows of Zion National Park”

Alan Watts: Life is Not a Journey

Back in 2009, before the internet felt like a giant advertisement created by a faceless corporation, I used to use a site called StumbleUpon. It no longer exists, but is now a site called “Mix,” which just isn’t the same. On Stumble Upon, you would click a button, and the site would deliver an awesomeContinue reading “Alan Watts: Life is Not a Journey”

4 Techniques for Purifying Water in the Wilderness

Water is heavy—a gallon weighs 8.35 pounds. It’s also 100% necessary, and when you’re in the wilderness, you need to have more water than you think you need. Not only is it important that you stay hydrated, but you’ll need even extra water to cook with. Fortunately, you don’t need to carry all your waterContinue reading “4 Techniques for Purifying Water in the Wilderness”

My Pre-Marathon Food & Exercise Log

This Sunday, I ran my first ever marathon! I really enjoyed the challenge of training and participating in this event. My time was 5:27:48. I didn’t meet my goal of breaking 5 hours, but I did meet my goal of completing the race, which is good enough for me. This is also my first raceContinue reading “My Pre-Marathon Food & Exercise Log”

5 Things That Help Me With My Seasonal Affective Disorder

I love to go outside. As I’m the girl behind Hannah Goes Outside, you probably aren’t surprised to hear that. But starting around September, something bad happens. Autumn weather is arguably my favorite. I love the cool, crisp nights and mornings and the golden sunshine at afternoon. The yellow and red tones in the foliageContinue reading “5 Things That Help Me With My Seasonal Affective Disorder”

50 Questions, Myspace Style

Remember MySpace? Maybe I’m showing my age. For the record, I’m 27, nearly 28. That puts me solidly in the middle of the younger half of millennials. I don’t really enjoy social media, but thinking of Myspace makes me nostalgic. I especially miss filling out surveys and posting bulletins, and of course, those cheesy mirrorContinue reading “50 Questions, Myspace Style”